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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Nina's - A French Teahouse with Royal Charm


NINA'S  is a very famous teahouse in Paris.  Tea Time Magazine devoted an article about this popular tourist attraction.  The website is beautiful - http://www.ninasparis.com

This luxury tea salon resides along the Seine River, the Louvre, the Jardin des Tuileries, and Le Palais Royal.  With a history that dates back more than three centuries, Nina's of Paris offers tea drinkers an exclusive and royal experience in each cup.

The intertwined history of Nina's with the famous French royal started in 1672, when the company - originally called La Distillerie Frères - started producing essential lavender oil fragrances.  Eventually, it became renowned for the ability to craft and create different aromas, and its distinguished reputation made its products very popular with King Louis XIV, the Court of Versailles, and Marie Antoinette.  Over the years, the company transitioned to infuse its popular aromas into a line of uniquely blended teas still sold today.

One aspect that makes Nina's blends truly one-of-a-kind is the source of ingredients integrated in their teas.  In keeping with their ties to the royal court, Nina's has an exclusive partnership with the King's Kitchen Garden at Versailles.  The company continues to use and incorporate fresh fruits and flowers from the garden in its teas and jams.

Instead of serving a traditional three-course afternoon-tea service, Nin's French Royal Tea echoes Marie Antoinette's famous words, "Let them eat cake!"  Guests enjoy a pot of Nina's Original Marie-Antoinette Tea with a slice of the tearoom's Marie Antoinette cake, which incorporates the same rose and apple flavors found in the signature tea.

This decadent treat, along with a pot of tea, makes for a refreshing cake break for tourists in need of a brief idyll from a day of sightseeing...


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